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Discover how to take stunning portraits with this amazing resource from one of the world's top photography sites.

Do you want to take Portraits with the WOW Factor?

eBook.jpgWhether it's taking pictures of our friends, kids, partners or even ourselves - people are what we're looking at through the viewfinder (or on the LCD) when we line up a shot.

Yet so many of us struggle to take portraits with the 'WOW Factor'.

We wanted to help you achieve your true potential as a portrait photographer, so we’ve released a comprehensive 78 page downloadable e-book (this is not a hard cover book - it is a PDF e-book) to teach you the secrets of stunning portraiture.

The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography is brimming with portrait photography advice, tips and imagery. It's a collection of some of our best previously publish tutorials which have been updated for this edition - plus some new previously unpublished content.

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The main section of this ebook covers 25 topics including:

  • How to bypass portrait mode on your digital camera and get great portraits
  • Photographing Children
  • Travel Portrait Photography
  • Environmental Portraits
  • Posing Tips
  • What to Wear in Portraits
  • Introduction to Portrait Lighting
  • Plus much more!

See a full listing of the topics covered here.

Here's a screen shot to show you a little of the layout.

Screen shot 2009-11-21 at 8.14.46 PM.png

This is a pretty typical page - images to illustrate what's being taught but no padding - just loads of quality teaching.

FREE BONUS - Interview with 6 Pro Photographers

Screen shot 2009-11-21 at 8.33.58 PM.png

The main section The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography are largely theory. While the teaching is solid and we believe you'll get a lot out of it - we've also put together a further 17 pages of interviews with some great portrait photographers.

While theory is great - it's often when you see how someone else uses it where things really click - so as a free bonus we've picked the brains of six great portrait photographers and authors:

  • David Duchemin
  • Jack Hollingsworth
  • Chase Jarvis
  • Bert Stephani
  • Neil Creek
  • Kris Krug

Grab a copy of this great new ebook here.

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We've only had this new ebook available for purchase for a short time but the feedback has been fantastic - here are just a few of the reactions we've had so far on Twitter:


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


If you’re not satisfied that The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography ebook is helping your photography within 30 days just let me know and I’ll refund your money – that’s how confident I am that this is a resource that will help you improve your portrait photography.

Why Invest in The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography?

Lets answer the question of WHY this is a resource for you:

  • Because it contains our very best portrait photography tips on 25 topics - all in the one easy to read book.
  • Because it has inspiring illustrations to show how the teaching along side them can be implemented
  • Because each page is Packed with teaching - there's no padding here
  • Because you get 6 Bonus Interviews with Pro Photographers who make a living from taking Portraits
  • Because you get a 30 Day No questions asked Money Back Guarantee
  • Because you get it immediately - there's no delivery fee because it is a downloadable ebook.

Improve Your Portrait Photography Today - The Details

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Update: More of What People are Saying

There's been a lot of buzz around about this e-book - here's a few more tweets from those who've bought it.


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